Metrel Academy

Over sixty years since its founding, Metrel has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in the field of electrical testing and measuring. Part of that knowledge is infused in each and every instrument we produce, while the other is disseminated through handbooks, white papers, charts, posters and “Good to know” brochures.

Handbooks contain theory about low voltage electrical installations, advantages and typical applications of IT power supply systems, basics of insulation measurement, portable appliance and machine testing and switchboard safety.

White papers offer a more in-depth look at various testing and measuring issues and serve as guides when making decisions regarding the right measuring approach or protocol and choosing appropriate equipment.

Charts represent step-by-step instructions how a certain measuring procedure should be performed.

Posters are similar to charts with the distinction of more photographic and graphical material for easier understanding of the issue.

“Good to know” brochures have tips on efficient and safe execution of measuring procedures and tests and proper use of testing and measuring equipment.

A part of Metrel Academy are also training seminars which cover all aspects of electrical measuring and testing, including electrical installation safety, power quality analysis and high voltage insulation diagnostics and many more and are available to all interested parties. Our partners and distributors on the other hand are given more comprehensive multi-day training sessions, which include repair, adjustment and calibration procedures for our instruments.


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