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Metrel devotes particular attention to customers and others who are committed for safety and quality. In the context of application and technical support Metrel provides assistance and support in finding appropriate solutions, offers a superb choice of instruments, users advise on the appropriate measurement equipment and teach them their use in specific applications.

Academy Metrel

In the course of action Metrel has become a major player in the world in the provision of safety and quality. It is the number one in many markets with a rich supply of top quality products, supported by an array of experience and knowledge in the field.

Application and Technical

The request and the decision to purchase the appropriate measuring equipment is produced on needs for determining the parameters and measurable quantities. The introduction of new technologies, in providing adequate safety in various areas, and providing quality services.


You purchased your Metrel products to reduce calibration costs and minimize your equipment downtime. What about the downtime caused when your equipment is gone for many weeks or months at a time?