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Indoor Environment Quality

Universal handheld instruments for the measurement, logging and analysing parameters specific for indoor environments are designed to provide flexibility, versatility and convenience to most demanding of professional users.

MI 6201 Multinorm

The MI 6201 is an invaluable tool for the monitoring and evaluation of indoor environmental conditions according to national and European standards. Adaptable by design and extremely easy to use, the MI 6201 can be used for measuring an amazing variety of different environmental conditions.

MI 6301 FonS

For a truly professional sound level meter, look no further than the MI 6301 Fons.  Not only does the unit contain the usual A, C and Z weightings with fast and slow time weightings (in accordance with IEC 61672 standard), the unit has 2 independent sound channels which can be set to different weightings.

MI 6401 Poly

The MI 6401 Poly is designed specifically for testing the light, humidity and air temperature and air velocity of an environment and can be used for monitoring. Emergency lighting, ventilation systems, lighting conditions, air conditioning systems, factory conditions, production line conditions and many more.