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High Voltage Insulation / Continuity / Earth

HV insulation testing with advanced, field proven instruments.

Transformer testers

Measuring system for testing and verification of winding resistance, turn ratio, phase deviation and excitation current of single and three phase transformers.

Earth testers

Measuring system for testing and verification of protective earthing, step voltage and contact voltage and measurement of specific earth resistance of power stations, substation, distribution towers and other power systems.

Continuity testers

The continuity testers from Metrel are portable, low resistance ohmmeters based on four wires Kelvin method used to measure low contact resistances of breakers and switches, busbars joints, motor & generator windings, power transformers and others where measurements are performed with a test current from 1 mA to 100 A.

HV insulation testers

Metrel’s HV insulation testers are portable instruments intended to measure the insulation resistance by using high DC test voltages up to 10kV. Insulation resistance and other insulation parameters are tested with various methods in the range up to 10TΩ.