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Electrical Installation Testers

Metrel provides single and multifunctional electrical installation testers. The testers are used for initial and periodic testing of domestic and industrial installations, testing of single and multiphase systems and testing of TT, TN, IT and 110 V systems.

Photovoltaic installation testers (Eurotest family)

This group of testers enables testing, evaluations and troubleshooting of photovoltaic installations as well as power and energy efficiency measurements on inverters AC and DC side.

Multifunction Testers

Our Eurotest family offer high performance, multi-functional test instruments that perform all the tests required to easily evaluate the safety of a electrical installation in accordance with the latest regulations.

Single function testers

Our Smartec family are specifically designed to offer individual instruments that are optimised to perform specific tests and functions.

Demonstration boards

Fault simulators for education purpose on low-voltage electrical installations in compliance with standards: VDE 0100, BS 7671, CEi 64.8,HD 384.