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Power Quality Analysis

Complete range of digital power quality measuring instruments for 1- and 3-phase electric supply systems.

MI 2892 Power Master new

The NEW MI 2892 Power Master is a hand-held three phase power quality ana­lyser with a large easy-to-read graphical colour display enabling the user to detect harmonics, phasors and waveforms anomalies in the installation simply by con­necting the device. The instrument is designed for a long term recording as well as for troubleshooting power quality problems in three-phase and single-phase power distribution systems. The handy Quick Set buttons makes the instrument more user friendly and are allowing faster data overview for troubleshooting. Advanced PC SW package PowerView3 enables detailed analysis of recorded data, direct reading from the microSD memory card, analysis of long term records and automatic creation of professional test report.

MI 2230 VAF Meter

MI 2230 VAFMeter is handheld multifunction instrument which can accurately measure voltage, current, power, harmonic distortion and phase angles in single, two and three phase systems.

MI 2792 PowerQ4 Plus

The MI 2792 PowerQ4 Plus is top of the range power quality analyser. With it’s 4 current and 4 voltage channels it is suitable for locating, predicting and troubleshooting of problems in three and in single phase power distribution systems. All 4 current channels have the ability to automatically recognize clamps whose range can be set on the instrument.

MI 2592 PowerQ4

The MI 2592 PowerQ4 is an extremely powerful and professional 4-channel power quality analyzer that is capable of recording IEC 61000-4-30 Class S and IEC 61557-12 compliant data for up to 8 weeks. 

MI 2492 Power Q

The MI 2492 PowerQ is a lightweight, handheld, 3-phase analyser for quick power quality assessment in low and middle voltage systems. All major power quality parameters like U, I, PF, cos φ, P, Q and S can be monitored online, measured or recorded. 

MI 2392 Power Q plus

PowerQPlus is a genuine, portable 3-phase power quality analyser which favorably competes with higher priced instruments and can be easily implemented in a variety of different situations.

MI 2130 Voltscanner

The MI 2130 Voltscanner is a 1-phase voltage recorder for testing supply voltage on a socket in accordance with EN 50160 power quality standard. Recording up to four weeks is possible and up to 3500 events can be stored into the instrument’s memory.